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2024 Pathfinder Camporee [General Info]

GENERAL INFORMATION: Pathfinder Camp Rules

Consequences for Rules Broken: Parents will be asked to pick up their Pathfinder, or a designated counselor will take them home.

  1. Camp Store - There will be a camp store for Pathfinders to purchase snacks with cash or rewards bucks earned at camp.

  2. Pathfinders may only enter and use areas of the facilities that have been reserved for camp activities.

  3. Pathfinders are asked to clear their tables and place trash in the cans provided.

  4. Camp equipment must be returned to its original placement unless arranged otherwise before the event.

  5. Alcohol, smoking, vaping, and drug use are strictly prohibited on Camp Pinnacle property.

  6. Sexual activities between unmarried people are prohibited on Camp Pinnacle property.

  7. Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited on Camp premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises.

  8. Pathfinders are discouraged from bringing cell phones. Staff may confiscate any electronics that create a distraction from camp activities. Cell phones are only allowed during lunch and free time, not during activities.

  9. Hiking on roads or trails must be done in groups of three or more, with an adult present and the approval of the club director(s).

  10. Swimming is only permitted during supervised swim periods and with the “buddy system.”

  11. No horseplay or dangerous behavior is allowed in or near the pond or pool.

  12. Campers are expected to sleep in their assigned cabins and remain in their cabins after “lights out” each night.

  13. No “back rubs” or massages of any kind are permitted unless administered for a medical purpose by the camp medic in the presence of at least two additional adult staff members.

  14. Cabins of the opposite sex are off-limits. The guys are not allowed in the girls’ cabins, and the girls are not allowed in the guys’ cabins.

  15. Cabin areas are off-limits during recreational and group activities unless specifically authorized and accompanied by a counselor in groups of three.

  16. Please respect the feelings of your fellow campers. Do not humiliate, embarrass, or behave badly toward any of them, as the Lord would expect!

  17. Please respect and enjoy the campground, the camp facilities, the environment, and all wildlife! Throw your trash in trash containers and keep your cabins in order. Put your belongings in your own space and keep it as neat as possible.

  18. Please respect the property of others. You will be responsible for replacing anything you break that belongs to the camp or to a camper.


  1. All activities and instructions will be done in teams. Teams will be selected at random.

  2. Each team will have a team leader and a team captain. The team leader will be a staff member aged 18 or older, providing leadership and serving as the point person responsible for team participation. The team leader will work with the team captain in a training capacity.

  3. A Team Guidon Bearer will be selected for each team by the team members at the Camporee.

  4. Each team will be responsible for flag lowering or raising and leading devotional services as follows:

    1. Thursday Evening Vespers: Elder Kirk Williams

    2. Friday Morning Worship: Coordinator Eric Johnson

    3. Friday Evening Vespers: Red Team

    4. Sabbath Morning Devotion: Blue Team

    5. Sabbath Evening Vespers: Yellow Team

    6. Sunday Morning Devotion: Green Team

    7. Sunday Closing Ceremony: Staff​



  • Thursday: Any T-shirt with black/blue jeans/sweat pants/shorts

  • Friday: Class "B" Uniform (Club -shirt with black/blue jeans/sweat pants/shorts)

  • Sabbath Morning: Class "A" Uniform

  • Sabbath Afternoon: Class "B" Uniform (Black/blue Jeans with Camp t-shirt)

  • Sunday: Class "B" Uniform (Old Camporee/Area/Sky blue t-shirt with black/blue jeans/sweat pants/shorts)


Campers should not wear anything in public that is revealing or immodest. Swimwear must be designed for modesty.


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