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Teen Leadership Training

Teen Leadership Training is for Pathfinders grades 9-12, offering advanced leadership skills training to prepare participants for various staff roles within a Pathfinder Club.



The TLT vision encompasses a core of youth fulfilling meaningful and responsible Pathfinder leadership positions within the Pathfinder Club and Conference/Union Pathfinder ministry, supporting the mission of the SDA Church as they learn to give of themselves and to receive of others.

TLT youth will experience acceptance, achievement, and responsibility in developing self-efficiency, self-respect, and identity through adult-teen mentoring in a “shared service experience” in developing a redemptive relationship with God.



To help teens experience their developmental needs by providing them with:

  1. A sense of achievement

  2. A sense of responsibility

  3. A sense of respect for authority

  4. A sense of acceptance in adult leadership circles

  5. A sense of confidence in the development of life skills



  1. Encourage TLT members to belong to the church and to actively participate in the organized leadership of the church/conference Pathfinder ministry.

  2. Involve TLT members as associates with Pathfinder adult leadership, holding responsible positions in local and Conference Pathfinder ministries.

  3. Enable TLT in skill-building opportunities through positive communication and friendship networks created to increase resistance to peer pressure, increase self-efficiency, and increase self-confidence.

  4. Challenge TLT members in the mission and ministry of Christ through Pathfindering, making God’s Word meaningful and fruitful in their lives.


TLT Program Outline & Requirements:

The applicant must be in at least the 9th grade and have completed at least one level of Investiture Achievement and had an attendance record of at least 80% during the most recent active year. All new TLTs start at Level 1. TLTs must be enrolled and actively participating in the Pathfinder Club.

The applicant must complete the TLL Club Orientation Program (COP)

Complete two operational rotations during the club year. The operational rotations or areas of concertation are Administrative, Outreach, Teaching, Activities, Records, or Counseling.


TLT Registration:

  • Complete the TLT application and submit three recommendation forms (suggestions: one from a pastor/elder, one from a teacher, and one from a pathfinder staff) to the TLT Coordinator on/or by February 17 along with $30 registration for your insignias. Submitted applications must be approved and signed by the Club Director.

  • With your TLT coordinator select the areas of concentration the TLT will focus on during the first six months, then repeat this process for the second part of the year.

  • Work with your TLT Coordinator to select a mentor.


Probation & Evaluation:

Being a TLT requires great responsibility. If any conduct is deemed unbecoming, or the TLT has failed to complete his/her assignments, a review of the TLT will occur. If it is deemed necessary by the review, disciplinary action may need to be taken, up to and including dismissal from the TLT Program.


Probation Period Each new or transferring TLT must complete a minimum 60-day probationary period. During this period the TLT will perform as a regular part of the TLT Program, and the club administration will evaluate the TLT's commitment to the program. Should the club administration find significant cause, the TLT can be dismissed at the end of the probationary period. A red and black shoulder cord and the TLT scarf are issued to the applicant upon completion of the probation period.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

TLT applications are due by February 17, 2024


All applicants must have 3 recommendations

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Learn more about the TLT program and the requirements.

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